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Journal and Pics

It is now 2 months into the trip and I think the most amazing discovery so far has been how easy it is to live like this. For weeks building up to our leave date we were both pretty overwhelmed with the amount of planning we had yet to do. We were so frustrated by the little details that kept coming up, and there was never enough time to get things done. It got to the point where we were pushing the trip on a weekly basis. Along with the list of things to do came the emotional reasons for stalling. I realized I wasn't packing my panniers because it meant that I was really leaving my family and that was hard for me.

Some of what we have done has already been forgotten but I clearly remember Tuesday June 17, 2003 because it was the morning we left. Walking out the door was very difficult but within minutes the distractions of being on the road took over and the trip had begun. Yes there are still tears and I miss my family dearly but looking back I can't understand why it was so difficult to get it together. What sounded crazy a year ago now makes perfect sense.

Check in when you can and drop us a line to let us know what you think. 
-Chris and Spice

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