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Where are we going?

The original plan was to leave in October of 2002, one year after the idea was born. The more we researched the more obvious it became that a year was simply not enough time to plan a trip of this nature. We changed every decision we made, from the type of bikes to the length of the trip to the route out of the USA. Initially the plan was to spend 1 year on BMWs, leaving in October and hitting summer in the Russian Tundra. Eventually it evolved into 2 years on dual-sport KLR 650s (the worst seats ever made) crossing into Mexico during August, the hottest month of the year, and following Summer into South America.



After Vegas we will head South into Mexico and Central America. We will travel down the Western Coast of Mexico and cross over just above Mexico City to take an immersion Spanish class in Guanajuato.



Our travel plans start in the United States. We will leave Atlanta, Ga and head to Columbia, Tennessee. This is the start of the Trans-American Trail, a 4000 mile trail of dirt roads that will end at the Pacific coast in Port Orford, Oregon.

We expect to spend 5-6 weeks on the trail. Next we will head south making our way to Las Vegas to visit friends. In Vegas we will be able to service the bikes, catch up on laundry and try to build up funds for the rest of the world.


We will continue to travel south through Central America all the way to Panama. From Panama City we will make arrangements to fly into Bogota, Colombia.

From Bogota we will continue down the western side of South America eventually crossing into Argentina and ending up in Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America. We plan on spending Christmas and New Years in Ushuaia. Book your airline tickets now to get the best rates for the holidays!

After the holidays we plan on moving up the eastern side of South America into Brazil and Venezuela. From there we will crate the bikes and fly to Western Europe. We hope to be in Europe for the Spring and then follow Summer down into Africa. The route gets a little sketchy at this point so we will keep you updated as the plans unfold.